Oyster Brie Soup- Hollywood Brown Derby

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6 oz brie

48 oz half and half

6 oz roux, cold*

2 oz fish base

1 C. Champagne

8 oz Oysters

8 oz Oyster juice

Salt and white pepper to taste

Put half and half in a thick bottom pot. Heat nearly to boil.

Add roux to thicken, simmer 10 to 15 minutes. Add brie, stirring constantly
to melt. Add fish base, strain and return to pot.

In a separate pot, cook oysters in their own juice. Strain mixture into
first pot, then add cooked oysters, juice and champagne to mixture. Add salt
and white pepper to taste.


1+2/3 lb butter

1+3/4 lb all-purpose flour

In saucepan, melt butter. Slowly add flour, stirring constantly to avoid
lumps. Cook 10-20 minutes (med low heat). Roux should be smooth with almond
aroma. Quickly remove from heat.


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