The Lighthouse Sandwich Columbia Harbour House

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Olive Panini Bread
¼ cup Hummus (recipe follows)
½ cup Broccoli slaw (recipe follows)
Vine ripe tomatoes sliced (2 slices per sandwich)

2 Tablespoons pureed garlic
3 cans (15 oz) garbanzo beans
4 tablespoons water
Juice of 2 freshly squeezed lemons
½ cup tahini paste (pure sesame seeds)
1 tablespoons salt

Method of Preparation:
Put garbanzo beans into food processor, mix with garlic, salt and tahini paste. Puree approximately 15-30 seconds, then add lemon juice and water. Continue to puree until smooth. Should yield about 15, 3 oz servings. This recipe can be cut in half to make a smaller portion. The hummus will hold for five days once prepared

Broccoli Slaw:
3 cups shredded broccoli slaw mix (2-12 oz bags in the grocery store)
1 ½ cups honey Dijon dressing (Ken’s Brand)

Method of Preparation:
Toss together and set aside.

Slice bread and spread with hummus, add broccoli slaw and 2 slices of tomato

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