Canard au Miel, Haricots Vert et Pommes de Terre Douce Chefs de France

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(Roasted breast of duck and leg confit with spiced honey sauce, French green beans and sweet potato)

6 duck breasts, 6 to 8 oz. each (Note: pre-made duck confit is available in specialty shops. For this recipe you will need to purchase two whole ducks if making the confit, or if not just the breasts)

Preheat oven: 450° in an ovenproof pan, sear the meat skin side first until crispy, then flip over and roast until juices run clear. Remove meat and let rest.

Honey Sauce:
¼ cup vinegar
1 cup duck bouillon (can substitute chicken bouillon)
¼ cup honey
¼ cup orange juice
2 tsp. cornstarch/thickening agent
¼ cup sugar

In a pan bring to a boil the bouillon and thicken with the cornstarch, add the honey & orange juice. Lower the temperature and cook for approximately 12 minutes. Meanwhile put the sugar in a sauté pan over low flame and cook until caramelized; add the vinegar and stir, then add to the sauce.

Mashed Sweet Potato
4 Sweet potatoes, 2 baker potatoes, peeled & cubed
3 whole eggs
½ cup heavy cream
½ cup half & half
Pinch of nutmeg
Salt, pepper to taste

Steam or boil potatoes until soft. Remove from pan and put in a food processor, add remaining ingredients and puree. Place in 4 oz aluminum cups and steam cook at 320° for 27 minutes.

Duck Confit
4 duck leg portions
Melted fat (1 part duck and 1 part pork) clarified and strained
Spiced Salt mixture made with:
• 2 pounds sea salt, finely crushed
• 1 pound sugar
• 4 each cloves, crushed to powder
• 1 bay leaf
• Sprig of thyme, crushed to powder

Rub the pieces inside and out with the salt mixture (approx. one handful). After rubbing, put the pieces in a glazed bowl and cover with the remaining spiced salt and a dishcloth. Let marinate for at least 24 hours.
Remove the pieces and shake the salt off them, and carefully wipe. Plunge the pieces into a saucepan filled with tepid melted fat, gradually bring to a slow boil; the fat should boil but not smoke. At the start of the cooking the fat will be cloudy, but as the duck cooks, it will get clearer. It takes approximately 2 hours to produce a perfect confit. The duck will be cooked when the fat is clear.


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  • Hester Casey
    October 17, 2010

    Doesn't it sound so much more sophisticated in French – though I have to admit, it sounds pretty good in English too. Confit is one of my favourite meals. If it's on the menu I cannot order anything else.

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