Barbecue Pork Sandwich- Kona Café

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6 ounces Pulled pork
3 ounces Smokey mango BBQ Sauce
1 each Burger Buns
½ ounce Shaved red onion
6 ounce French fries
Smokey Mango Bar-B-Q Sauce
4 ounces Mango slices (in syrup)
16 ounces Ketchup
¼ ounce Liquid smoke flavoring
2 ounces Onion
1/8 ounce Cinnamon
¼ ounce Cumin
¼ ounce Garlic
8 ounces Water
2 ounces Sweet chili paste
Sauté onion with cumin, garlic and cinnamon. Add remaining ingredients and cook until boiling. Puree well and serve hot.

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