Bucatini Graniti Tutto Italia

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Bucatini or Farfalle pasta (Bucatini is a thick rod shaped pasta with a hole in the center)
– Cream
– Fresh Grated Parmesan
– Fresh Peas
– chopped Pancetta or Prosciutto
– Panko Bread Crumbs

1. Boil Pasta until Al Dente, do not overcook. Set aside.
2. Prepare Diced Pancetta and Peas in a sauce pan on medium heat until Pancetta Browns. Do not add salt, Pancetta is cured already. Very little oil in the pan. Strain or absorb all oils from pan and set mixture aside. You may also Cook Pancetta and peas seperately.
3. Prepare Sauce pan with Heavy Whipping Cream on Medium-low Heat till simmering. Add Pancetta and peas and keep stirring for a few minutes. Do not let Cream sit on heat because it will burn on the pan.
4. Preheat Oven to Broil.
5. Add Pasta to casserole dish, Either individual or larger, depending on portions.
6. Pour Cream mixture over pasta.
7. Top with Parmesan and Panko Bread Crumbs.
8. Broil Until Top is Brown and Crunchy.

Chef’s Note: The kitchen doesn’t measure the ingredients for this and makes it by “feel”. 1 pound pasta serves about 4 people.

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